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I Need A {Plumber, Mechanic, Dentist} … in Abilene

Plumber: Our house was a flipper, and is 50 years old … so you do the math = that equals old water heaters, old pipes, an old toilet… ┬áIt didn’t mean however, that I was physically able to shut off our main water intake valve which lives underneath a big metal cover in the alley. … Continue reading

Fresh Cut Flowers in Abilene

I love fresh flowers – a simple bunch of them, or a single stem – different ones for different moods, to occasionally have on the dining room table or next to the sink. But where to find some in Abilene – land of the prickly pear cactus? I tried local florists but they didn’t seem … Continue reading

More About Abilene Restaurants

Someone asked on social media: “Where do I get pancakes in Abilene?” I would also add, “Where do I meet someone for good conversation and a meal?” Here are a couple somewhat “secret” places to meet and eat, as well as the skinny (the fluffy?! :) on pancakes. The deli at the United on S. … Continue reading

Specialty Food Shopping in Abilene

Cordell’s sells special olive oils and vinegars. When a friend first told me about this shop I was skeptical at first. But she was a much better cook than I, so I went with her to check it out. I knew about olive oil and that it existed, and was different than Crisco vegetable oil … Continue reading

Good Secondhand (Furniture) Shopping in Abilene

When I’d been in Abilene a year or so, I met a couple of young airmen at an Eternal Threads event. They had a couple roommates, had just moved into an apartment and were looking to furnish it at a reasonable cost. (They were in the wrong place for furniture, but they did find a … Continue reading

Boutique Lodging in Abilene

Sayles Ranch Guesthouses — Sometimes I like to just click through photos of these houses for fun, because the designs are so amazing & gorgeous. Each one is decorated differently and with various themes. It’s not a ranch, they’re a series of amazingly renovated lodgings. There are 9 different properties, ranging from craftsman cottages to … Continue reading

Local Abilene Restaurants

Enjoy a list of Abilene restaurants I’ve tried, and what I liked there. Included here are just locally-owned, independent establishments. Complete with mini-reviews, in no particular order: El Fenix – it’s so nice and colorful inside, featuring a fiesta-style theme. And the courtyard at Burro Alley might be Abilene’s best-kept secret. I like the green … Continue reading

Coffee Shops of Abilene

Monks — Monks was almost my first exposure to Abilene. Before we moved here in 2010, I saw their “Keep Abilene Boring” t-shirts, and I had hope for the city. I thought if someone had that kind of humor, I could be happy living here. Some folks in town don’t understand this catchphrase and/or think … Continue reading