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Music in Abilene

I attended part of a concert at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo which consisted of cumbia (Mexican) music. Here is a clip of the toe-tappin’ type of accordian beat which caused people to, yes in fact, get up and dance. What I didn’t know is that when you dance to this kind of music … Continue reading

Camp Barkeley Dog Park

I talked with Lydia Long by phone, to ask about the history and establishment of the Abilene dog park. I had heard that she and some others had made the park happen through grassroots efforts. Camp Barkeley, as it is called, is located out adjacent to the zoo and Nelson Park. Also nearby are the … Continue reading

Zoo [Video]

Enjoy a short music video of animals, reptiles and birds at the Abilene Zoo! It gives you a good taste of the place.

I Need A {Plumber, Mechanic, Dentist} … in Abilene

Plumber: Our house was a flipper, and is 50 years old … so you do the math = that equals old water heaters, old pipes, an old toilet… ┬áIt didn’t mean however, that I was physically able to shut off our main water intake valve which lives underneath a big metal cover in the alley. … Continue reading

Lake Kirby Park

Across from Abilene Regional hospital and the new location for the Sam’s Club warehouse, the expanse of Lake Kirby is visible from some of the upper-floor┬árooms of the hospital. People like to fish here and there are some nice birds to observe. They like the water, apparently. Who doesn’t? The birds also have a fine … Continue reading

Panel on Poverty

“ONE PERSON determined to help another is a very strong force in our community.” – Norman Archibald This wasn’t your ordinary benefit lunch. It featured a panel which included an excellent cross-section of representatives from across our city. The thoughts, comments and specific data presented were amazingly informative and thought-provoking. Norm Archibald, our mayor, posed … Continue reading

Fresh Cut Flowers in Abilene

I love fresh flowers – a simple bunch of them, or a single stem – different ones for different moods, to occasionally have on the dining room table or next to the sink. But where to find some in Abilene – land of the prickly pear cactus? I tried local florists but they didn’t seem … Continue reading