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I Need A {Plumber, Mechanic, Dentist} … in Abilene


Our house was a flipper, and is 50 years old … so you do the math = that equals old water heaters, old pipes, an old toilet…  It didn’t mean however, that I was physically able to shut off our main water intake valve which lives underneath a big metal cover in the alley. I need to work out my arm muscles a bit more to be able to do that. But I did discover that one can buy a replacement shut-off “key” (long-handled metal prong that attaches to the top of the metal lever and which you rotate righty-tighty) at home improvement stores.

Body Shop:

Blascyk – we’ve used them and been satisfied. They seem to know what they’re doing. Across the street from “Bobby’s” below – and recommended by them. Nothing looks like much on this street, but then that happens pretty often in Abilene.. Look a little closer!

Car Repair:

Royce Brooks Garage @ 809 Oak St.

We have two Volvos. We live in West Texas. These two things don’t compute. If you live in this area, mostly you have a pick-up truck. So… where to find someone who knew how to work on our cars? At the recommendation of a workmate of my husband’s, we found Royce Brooks Garage. I love this place, and have seriously considered just going down there to hang out for no reason. Bring my laptop, get some work done. Bobby runs the place, and he knows a ton about cars, has hired people who are good with and know about cars, is honest, and the place is so clean. It’s cleaner than my house. (We’ll get to that below.) I like to sit in the waiting room and chat with someone if I feel chatty, and there’s someone who also does. This doesn’t happen a lot anymore, this chatting in waiting areas – ’cause we’re always plugged into some screen in waiting areas nowadays – watching a show about some dastardly doings for example that someone’s sharing with the world on a talk show. Plus, Bobby is nice to people. So there’s that.


Dr. Mark Sivley

I have a challenging mouth… I feel comfortable here. That says a ton, believe me. His partner is Dr. Toogood (heehe – yes, that’s really his name) and I’ve heard he’s good, too. I just wanted someone older, steady, with lots of dental experience, and smart about dentistry/diagnoses. That’s Dr. Sivley. His team has been good, too. Kindness and warmth at the dentist is never, ever to be taken for granted and I’ve found that here.


Perfection Cleaning Service

We hired them to come do a deep-clean in the Spring, and I was impressed with their level of detail, efficiency and professionalism. Plus good to work with.


Family Vision Associates

I have really liked everyone here. From the front desk folks, to the glasses or contacts fittings people, to the exam. It can be uncomfortable, to literally have someone “in your face” (; for an eye exam. I felt at ease here.


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