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Specialty Food Shopping in Abilene


Cordell’s sells special olive oils and vinegars. When a friend first told me about this shop I was skeptical at first. But she was a much better cook than I, so I went with her to check it out. I knew about olive oil and that it existed, and was different than Crisco vegetable oil that I used for baking, and that’s it. Twenty different kinds? Why? I thought. Then I tasted some. If you take a pile of lettuce of any kind, sprinkle on some lime oil and pineapple vinegar for example and then start eating, you’ll be sitting there making mm-mmm sounds until you finish. Folks, it’s delicious. The Italian Evoo kind made me want to drink it straight out of the bottle. They’re nice folks in here too, and knowledgeable. It’s right next door to the S. 14th United grocery store, which has a decent selection of gourmet goods, also. Including Amy’s soups, which I like.

Cordell’s has also recently begun having cooking classes. Join their email list for more updates.

These next two are popular with folks that come to Abilene from other countries like Africa (often through the International Rescue Committee). Fascinating cans of things line the shelves at the Thai Market, & I’ve heard the International Blessing Market has a garden supplier in town that grows vegetables just for sale in this store. The proprietress of the Thai Market has been in business for quite a number of years and I thought she was an interesting lady.

Next door to the International Blessing Market is the Natural Food Center, which has some health foods & specialty foods for sale. Both of these are across from Rose Park.


Natural Food Center is not to be confused with Natural Food Grocers, where I’ve seen some unique veggies in the produce section.

Surprisingly, Drug Emporium (because the name and the exterior do not lend themselves to this guess) has the only good yogurt covered almonds I’ve found in town, and they have some bulk lentils, stuff like that. They are also known for their extensive supply of shampoos and such.

Also check out this fellow military wife’s blog post reviewing grocery stores of Abilene.

I’d like to try:

The new Mexican grocery store that just moved in next to the Mockingbird branch of the public library.

Happy Eating!



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