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More About Abilene Restaurants

Someone asked on social media: “Where do I get pancakes in Abilene?”

I would also add,

“Where do I meet someone for good conversation and a meal?”

Here are a couple somewhat “secret” places to meet and eat, as well as the skinny (the fluffy?! :) on pancakes.

The deli at the United on S. 14th St. is a rather good meeting place that is used often by groups of people or friends. They have tasty made-to-order sandwiches, and hot dish options like a traditional buffet restaurant.

Now, for pancakes there’s…..

Cracker Barrel — up on the north side of town

IHOP — near the mall, it gets very, very busy sometimes

The Dixie Pig — cash only, not open for dinner, on Butternut

The Flippin’ Egg (I still haven’t tried it as of 7/21/14) — next to Starbucks near Buffalo Gap Rd/Sayles

Of course also, sometimes I like the McDonald’s Big Breakfast too.


The other thing is, about this town….. we’ve had more people over for meals, and learned to cook more than in any other place we’ve lived. These can be awesome options, too…. Invite work-mates, people you meet and “friend” online, people from an interest group or church, neighbors maybe.

This article has some good information:

How to Host a Dinner Party

Although I don’t know if what we’ve done could be exactly termed “a dinner party,” it sure has been enjoyable to share a meal and conversation with others. Sometimes the meals were super-simple and sometimes if we had time, a bit more planned, but the point was the heart of the matter. Wanting to enjoy the people and time together.

A pancake brunch could be fun and easy. Get different toppings and a bigg-ish griddle, some orange juice and you’re good-to-go! People love to be invited over – the challenge can sometimes be coordinating schedules. Anyway, I love to be invited over!


I’ve also just found out about Mary’s Paleteria at 601 S. Treadway. Several locals mentioned this as their favorite place to get (homemade?!) ice cream (thanks guys, for never mentioning this to me before, ahem). They also apparently have a good version of the special drink that is called Horchata that is delicious (I’ve heard), and some traditional cold fruit drinks of Mexico.



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