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What County Commissioners Do

What do County Commissioners do? Good question. I didn’t have a clue, and neither did some others I talked to. Many thanks to head commissioner or Judge, Downing Bolls for taking time to help provide the following information: To start with, county government is an extension of the State Legislature, established in the mid-1800’s to … Continue reading

Parks & Recreation Board Meeting

Attended:  Tuesday, April 9th, 2013. Board members greeted one another with a lot of warmth when entering the room, there were bottles of water and personalized nameplates at each place around the basic-style conference table. Meets in an unassuming room in the Community Service Department building, 633 Walnut Street. Leroy, the representative from the Senior Center … Continue reading

Kirby Park – To Sell or Not To Sell

As you can see, the park appears neglected maintenance-wise, and is surrounded by industrial businesses. I’m always looking for some pretty nature to sit and look at while I enjoy some lunch in my car occasionally, and this little tucked-away park seems nice for that. Too bad it’s developed a bad reputation, and is perhaps … Continue reading

Teen Court

Attended:  April 8, 2013. When I arrived most young people and guardians were already there waiting, as instructions say to arrive early at 4:45. The chairs and standing room around the walls of a small waiting area, and down a hallway inside a second waiting area were full. Immediately inside the door of the building, … Continue reading