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Boutique Lodging in Abilene

Sayles Ranch Guesthouses — Sometimes I like to just click through photos of these houses for fun, because the designs are so amazing & gorgeous. Each one is decorated differently and with various themes. It’s not a ranch, they’re a series of amazingly renovated lodgings. There are 9 different properties, ranging from craftsman cottages to a carriage house, all in an historic area off Sayles Boulevard and S. 7th to S. 11th St. or so. The “Sayles Landmark,” an historic house at the corner of Sayles and South 7th, is set to open, Summer 2014. Each place includes a kitchen so there’s an option for cooking in if one wishes.

the hayloft

“The Hayloft,” Courtesy Photo/Sayles Ranch Guesthouses

Sparhawk Art Gallery and Bed and Breakfast — this proprietor is also a talented artist who draws portraiture, and is a sushi chef. He and the establishment were featured on Texas Country Reporter. During the segment he demonstrates some origami airplanes. According to Roadside America we have the “World’s Largest Paper Airplane” here in Abilene. “Nearly 30 feet long, it’s a wood-painted-to-look-like-paper replica of an origami F-15” displayed out in front. Although on S. 1st Street, this place isn’t that visible from the road. These rooms and grounds look so attractive.

(I have not stayed at either of these places.)

Otherwise, a short drive to Buffalo Gap is the place to find bed and breakfasts in the Abilene area.

Airbnb is another emerging way to find creative housing. There are two rentals listed in Abilene. Sometimes people rent out a room in their home and welcome guests. One of these is this type, and the owners seem very nice. The other is a whole house.




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