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Featured Book – Straight from Teachers

A series of posts where I feature some of my favorite books! — Education is so important to all of us. Good schools are essential to a healthy community, but often we don’t hear from teachers themselves on the issues. This book provides first-person windows into classrooms across the country, therefore informing about subjects like … Continue reading

Boutique Lodging in Abilene

Sayles Ranch Guesthouses — Sometimes I like to just click through photos of these houses for fun, because the designs are so amazing & gorgeous. Each one is decorated differently and with various themes. It’s not a ranch, they’re a series of amazingly renovated lodgings. There are 9 different properties, ranging from craftsman cottages to … Continue reading

Local Abilene Restaurants

Enjoy a list of Abilene restaurants I’ve tried, and what I liked there. Included here are just locally-owned, independent establishments. Complete with mini-reviews, in no particular order: El Fenix – it’s so nice and colorful inside, featuring a fiesta-style theme. And the courtyard at Burro Alley might be Abilene’s best-kept secret. I like the green … Continue reading

Coffee Shops of Abilene

Monks — Monks was almost my first exposure to Abilene. Before we moved here in 2010, I saw their “Keep Abilene Boring” t-shirts, and I had hope for the city. I thought if someone had that kind of humor, I could be happy living here. Some folks in town don’t understand this catchphrase and/or think … Continue reading

Downtown Abilene

“12 Strategies That Will Transform Your City’s Downtown,” by John Karras has some good ideas and concepts to think about. Not everything will work or be beneficial for every city. Some things Abilene is already doing, but we could spread the word more. Anyway, this article gets the juices flowing.

C.A.L.F. – Children’s Art & Literacy Festival

Visiting the first annual Children’s Art & Literary Festival, a friend and I began at the “nickel” (National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature) to view an exhibit of original rough sketches, preliminary crayon drawings, and final pen-and-ink line art for the book The Lorax, by Theodor (“Ted”) Seuss Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Seuss. The accompanying brochure … Continue reading

The National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature

In my opinion “the nickel,” the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature (N.C.C.I.L.) on S. 1st & Cedar downtown is Abilene’s best museum. I just love it. I like the layout and look of it, and their exhibits are great. You might say, “Well, I don’t have kids, and it’s for kids, right?” But you … Continue reading

Abilene’s 12th Armored Division Museum

This is a World War II museum, and a surprisingly good one. Its building looks like nothing much from the outside and is easy to drive right by, but is worth going in – and plan for some time to investigate. I’d say about an hour and a half to get a good look. The … Continue reading

Meet Teanna Rose – ‘Neon Twisters’ Jump Rope Team Coach

February 9, 2013 |  Teanna Rose is the unexpected coach of Abilene’s only competitive jump rope team, the Neon Twisters. Eighteen years old and a senior at Cooper high school, Teanna took over as sole coach of the team two years ago, after her young co-leader Kaitlin Copelin died suddenly. Teanna was a student at … Continue reading

City University – {Emergencies, Traffic, Streets, Public Works, Recycling}

Peering up at stoplights with a new appreciation, I drove home after dark from the City University meeting in December. Noticing the round, little traffic bumps on the street in a new way too, after visiting the City of Abilene Traffic shop at this month’s meeting. The Traffic Shop is where they maintain and replace … Continue reading