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Rudy’s Top Five Playgrounds in Abilene

Rudy Fernandez, Program Director at local radio station KEAN 105, lists his favorites in this blog post, which has a lot of good information and photos about specific parks in Abilene.  

Abilene Support for Parks

Just discovered the “Park Bucks” and “ReLeaf” public support programs, within the Parks & Rec department. “To contribute $1.00 each month on your water bill, please print your name and the water billing address you want the donation applied to below and return this form with your water payment.  You also have the options of … Continue reading

Parks & Rec Public Meeting

I would like to say that I’m hugely gratified that the Parks & Recreation public meeting opportunity took place at all. The fact that the Parks & Rec department hosted a chance to get and give feedback, I thought was so good. The consultant/moderator (not sure where he was from, or with what company/cost – … Continue reading

“Good People” – A {Southern} Truism

One result of myself taking part in Abilene’s City University program is a new, strong appreciation for the number of dedicated, talented people I’ve met who work for the City of Abilene (us!) in various capacities. Over and over again, I’ve been impressed with the dedication, creativity and good attitudes of people I’ve encountered whom … Continue reading

Abilene Community Gardens

Full of vegetables in season and opportunities for connecting with fellow Abilenians. Here is a list including addresses, of gardens planted throughout our community. Also below, find some good links to gardening resources: Allelon Urban Farm – 800 block of Cockerell Drive – Wes Flach – wesley.flach@gmail.com Broadview Baptist Church community gardens – 2500 South … Continue reading

Foster Parenting in Texas

Goals of a recent re-design of Texas’ foster care system include keeping kids in foster care a shorter amount of time, accelerating finding permanent placements, and keeping children closer geographically as possible to their home of origin, ideally no further than 50 miles away. According to Alayna Brooks, a local Abilene woman who recently completed … Continue reading

City University – {Plan, Develop & Animals}

When I arrived late, Ed McRoy was talking about community enhancement and mentioned the city has received two grants: CDBG & HOME for increasing the quality of low-income housing. He also mentioned in answer to a question, that the city can’t make many improvements right now because almost all the income they receive goes towards … Continue reading

What This Blog Is About

As a “professional newcomer,” I have a certain perspective. As the wife of a career military husband, we’ve lived in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, England, North Carolina and Texas. In each place, I’ve tried to engage. To really connect and contribute, not only to life on the base but to the life of the surrounding community. … Continue reading

Meet Tim James – Ex-Facilities Manager Extraordinaire at Dyess Medical Clinic

Tim James started at the bottom. Literally beginning in the basement mechanical room of the three-story Dyess Medical Center building, he masterminded renovating, painting, adding décor and utterly transforming the entire facility over a period of five years. Tim didn’t miss a spot. This transformational feat was the crowning achievement of his civilian Air Force … Continue reading

Meet Elaine Yielding – China Painting Artist

China painters apply designs stroke by stroke onto the slick surface of china using thin ‘washes’ or layers of paint, mixed with finely ground glass called flux. Participants say they enjoy the artistic outlet and stress-relieving benefits of the process. Studies show the benefits of making art include reduction in stress and anxiety, increase in … Continue reading