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Abilene Community Gardens

Full of vegetables in season and opportunities for connecting with fellow Abilenians. Here is a list including addresses, of gardens planted throughout our community. Also below, find some good links to gardening resources:

Allelon Urban Farm – 800 block of Cockerell Drive – Wes Flach – wesley.flach@gmail.com

Broadview Baptist Church community gardens – 2500 South 27th St. – gardens are across Portland Street from the church, behind Annex A (the beige house west of the church) – http://www.broadviewchurch.org/resources/events/community-gardens/#sthash.cv2NCb5R.dpuf

The Garden of Eatin’ at Butman Methodist Camp – 158 County Road 674
Merkel, TX 79536 – www.butmancamp.org

Gardeners of Grace garden – 900 block of Cypress Street – Joyce Dalzell – joyced@faithworksofabilene.com

Hug-A-Root Family Farms – various locations (sometimes private backyards or in alleys behind homes) throughout Abilene – https://www.facebook.com/hugaroottexas

Open Door Community Garden – South 19th & Amarillo – www.aldersgateabilene.org – “A garden work day is held every 2nd Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon. All are welcome to come and work in the garden on those days, and all are welcome to come and pick what is ripe in the garden, any day!”

Courtesy Photos / Open Door Community Garden

Gardening Resources:

Big Country Master Gardenerswww.txmg.org/taylor – Good information about native planting; their bi-annual plant sale; local seminars and workshops.

Taylor County Extension (of Texas A&M university) Servicehttp://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/  – Lots of great agricultural advice – i.e. rainwater harvesting, “earth-kind” landscaping and more.

Our Mission: To provide quality, relevant outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people in Taylor County by extending the resources of Texas AgriLife Extension Service to meet identified community needs.”

Abilene Scene article on rain barrels & xeriscaping


(Much information provided here, thanks to an article by Wes Flach in Big Country Magazine – 2nd Quarter, 2013 issue.)


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