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Abilene Support for Parks

Just discovered the “Park Bucks” and “ReLeaf” public support programs, within the Parks & Rec department.

“To contribute $1.00 each month on your water bill, please print your name and the water billing address you want the donation applied to below and return this form with your water payment.  You also have the options of mailing this completed form without a payment to PO Box 3479 Abilene, TX 79604 or sending it to us electronically to CommServices@abilenetx.com.”

And, I believe the city needs some help with planting some of the following donated trees:

“ReLeaf is a recently established program… Individuals, businesses, or family can donate funds to a general tree planting fund or toward the planting of a specific grove of trees in honor of loved ones or others they wish to honor or memorialize.

Individuals may contribute any amount to this fund. If you would like to contribute or just want more information about the Abilene ReLeaf Tree Donor Program, Please print and fill out this form, or call us at (325) 676-6223. We will be happy to tell you how much “releaf” your contribution can provide.”

More information about these programs here.



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