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What This Blog Is About


Photo taken in City Hall “council chambers,” where the mayor and city council members meet, sitting at a raised bench facing chairs for community members.

As a “professional newcomer,” I have a certain perspective. As the wife of a career military husband, we’ve lived in Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, England, North Carolina and Texas. In each place, I’ve tried to engage. To really connect and contribute, not only to life on the base but to the life of the surrounding community. That’s still my desire. But it can be hard to find your way around when you’re new.

This blog will hopefully help with that — with my personal notes and reviews of shops, organizations and events.

There’s a tradition called the “pink pages” in some flying squadrons in the Air Force. Wives gather information to distribute to each other, on everything you’d need to know about the surrounding community. These were given to newcomers and updated regularly. You know, the important stuff — where to find a good hairdresser, a good dentist, good kids’ activities.

That’s something else you’ll find here.

Lastly, I have always had a mode that my husband calls, “activist Heila.” I like to try and find out how to get involved in local politics or groups to better the whole community. I believe we need to be a part of the solution. So when you see something you think needs changing, you might find a way to do just that here. To get involved in local government, for positive change.

 You might not be from Abilene, Texas, but many things should still be interesting or translate to your city. I’ve always wondered about how a lot of these things work and I firmly believe that a more informed and involved populace, along with a transparent government means a better country.

Truth is, government is a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice too. There are many tough, smaller decisions to be made, and the answers are not nice and clear.

Hopefully this attempt will inform and perhaps fuel some mutually patient and respectful thoughts and conversations. I have experienced this outlook is only possible from the perspective of the grace (unmerited favor and forgiveness) of an eternal God who loves every one of us and sees each as valuable.


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