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Beating the Heat – My Top 5 Abilene Summer Activities

We moved here in the summer of 2010 and have been experiencing a drought ever since. That’s serious heat, people. Growing up in Colorado I thought any time the temp was over 100 degrees it was a big deal. Here, it’s usual to have it in the 100’s, and that’s hot. So first off….



  1. The Mockingbird Library ~ Does this surprise you? It doesn’t look like much from the outside but is nicely renovated inside, and has a separate quiet room. The books & comfortable chairs, some scheduled programs held in the meeting room, or working on the computer there offer a cool place to enjoy. Plus, all 3 branches hold summer reading programs for kids (and adults).


  1. Pools ~ or for the little ones, the Splash Pad at Nelson Park next to the Zoo. Staying wet helps! The list includes: Abilene State Park (closed through 2014, but see below), Abilene Swim Club, The Dive Spot, 2 indoor YMCA pools, and the Rose Park city pool.
  1. Frontier Texas! or other museums downtown ~ (The Grace, The NCCIL, The 12th Armored Division, The Center for Contemporary Arts). Find a combination ticket deal here.
  2. Abilene State Park ~ There are actually big, leafy trees here and I think the temperature is always a few degrees cooler. There are some nice picnic tables in the shade. Admission fee.
  3. A backyard wading pool, or playing in the hose can be an option, or a spray bottle of water in the fridge for misting. (Putting lotion in the fridge is also a tip!)


Stay hydrated and drink enough water!

Be sure to maintain air conditioning units.

Also, I always bring a sweater for indoors around here, because the A/C is set low inside buildings.

And my last gift to you for beating the heat: www.rainymood.com ~ Experience your own private virtual-thunderstorm.


I’d like to try:

Kirby Lake – boating and water activities

Anyone else have other beating-the-heat tips to add?


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