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Lake Kirby Park


Across from Abilene Regional hospital and the new location for the Sam’s Club warehouse, the expanse of Lake Kirby is visible from some of the upper-floor rooms of the hospital. People like to fish here and there are some nice birds to observe. They like the water, apparently. Who doesn’t? The birds also have a fine old time riding the pretty extreme-at-times gusts of wind.


Photos by Stephanie Martin


One bit of advice: try to peek down the lane as you drive the dirt paths – a couple of them had car-sized potholes when I went driving my very non-four-wheel-drive vehicle. We made it, but a different route would’ve been better. Believe it or not it’s kind of easy to get lost here trying to find your way from the park entrance to lakeside. The view over the water is worth it. Sometimes ya just wanna get outside, ya know?


I don’t know much about geocaching, but have some friends who love it. I suspect this would be a good place to search for or place a cache. See the website www.geocaching.com for more information and coordinates. Geocaching is a pastime using a hand-held GPS and searching out the location of hidden “caches” of “treasure.” Usually these treasures, the ones for all ages, are in the form of something like a small stuffed toy or matchbox car. Adult geocaches might be in a more difficult-to-find-or-access location. I’ve been a few times and it’s fun to go on a treasure hunt and take in the scenery along the way.

Enjoy the breezy scenery!   IMG_7407


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