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Featured Blog – Texas Country Reporter

This is the beginning of a series of posts I will be making, where I will feature some of my current favorite blogs around the internet!

Texas Country Reporter's custom-painted vehicle with Bob Phillips driving

Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips

— First off, is the Texas Country Reporter Blog!

— If you haven’t discovered this show yet, you’re about to feel more at home in Texas if you do. Amiable reporter Bob Phillips ambles around the state meeting ordinary people doing interesting things in every town and city. Meet all different folks — from an expert, very animated 86 year-old waitress, to a former Buffalo Gap pottery maker and egg-pot specialist, the interviews are friendly and revealing. The personality of the state and the different geographical areas comes across. Plus, the people are just so darned interesting and nice. Bob drives a distinctive truck custom-painted with a large Texas flag. Abilene residents have been featured in several segments.

Texas Country Reporter on Youtube

Texas Country Reporter on Facebook


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