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City University – {Communications & Collaborations}

The City of Abilene website is confusing to navigate, according to everyone I’ve talked to. Everything you need to know is there, maybe… somewhere. Instead, I recommend the more navigable blog format, recently developed by our current Communications & Media Relations Manager for the City of Abilene, Leah Mazzarelli, a friend from City University. The … Continue reading

City University – {Senior Center, ‘Safety City’ & Weed Control}

Rose Park Senior Center “People serving here don’t do it for the money,” said Jeff White, the ebullient Program Administrator of the Rose Park Senior Activity Center during our tour in March of 2014. There is sometimes some, “stress in the food line” at the center he says, and the above staff members handle it … Continue reading

Featured Book – National Parks

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea by Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns ~ City Parks, State Parks and National Parks are all important for the well-being of people and for the health of our planet. Having access to and spending time in community green space has been proven to have positive psychological effects. So it … Continue reading

City University – {Police & Fire}

Meeting K-9 dogs and their handlers, and getting a ride in a fire truck! were highlights of February 2014’s City University. We saw a taser demonstration, during the “classes” for that day. Tasers, aka “electronic control devices,” are preferred by officers, to pointedly immobilize a suspect and therefore diffuse a potentially tense situation. They work … Continue reading

City University – {Parks, Libraries, Health Center, Civic Center}

Audrey Perry has worked for 44 years (!) at the Abilene Civic Center. She is the manager. We walked around the entire 1970’s facility, including its 1990 conference center addition. It was interesting to see the spaces getting prepared for a show in the auditorium/stage/backstage, an event in the exhibit hall, nothing at the time … Continue reading

Featured Blog – Texas Country Reporter

This is the beginning of a series of posts I will be making, where I will feature some of my current favorite blogs around the internet! — First off, is the Texas Country Reporter Blog! — If you haven’t discovered this show yet, you’re about to feel more at home in Texas if you do. … Continue reading

City University – {Emergencies, Traffic, Streets, Public Works, Recycling}

Peering up at stoplights with a new appreciation, I drove home after dark from the City University meeting in December. Noticing the round, little traffic bumps on the street in a new way too, after visiting the City of Abilene Traffic shop at this month’s meeting. The Traffic Shop is where they maintain and replace … Continue reading

Parks & Rec Public Meeting

I would like to say that I’m hugely gratified that the Parks & Recreation public meeting opportunity took place at all. The fact that the Parks & Rec department hosted a chance to get and give feedback, I thought was so good. The consultant/moderator (not sure where he was from, or with what company/cost – … Continue reading

City University – {Plan, Develop & Animals}

When I arrived late, Ed McRoy was talking about community enhancement and mentioned the city has received two grants: CDBG & HOME for increasing the quality of low-income housing. He also mentioned in answer to a question, that the city can’t make many improvements right now because almost all the income they receive goes towards … Continue reading

City University – {Earth, Water, Air}

We began in the Municipal Court this time — I’ve learned that “municipal” means “city.” (I think.) If you’ve had a ticket for speeding, or not using a seatbelt, etc. – then this is where that is taken care of. They also handle the warrant round-up and Teen Court. The “ticket” is entitled a “Uniform … Continue reading