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Kirby Park – To Sell or Not To Sell

Kirby Park2 Kirby Park1 Kirby Park 3 Kirby Park 4 Kirby Park 5

As you can see, the park appears neglected maintenance-wise, and is surrounded by industrial businesses. I’m always looking for some pretty nature to sit and look at while I enjoy some lunch in my car occasionally, and this little tucked-away park seems nice for that. Too bad it’s developed a bad reputation, and is perhaps not used by families or people wanting to enjoy the area more for picnics or throwing around a frisbee … actually, when’s the last time I saw anyone throwing around a frisbee?

On the other hand, there is a park in Abilene that has a good frisbee golf course and I’ve seen lots of people enjoying that.

Link here for a write-up of a Parks & Recreation Board meeting, where members were trying to decide on the future of Kirby Park.

Local newspaper the Abilene Reporter-News article about the possible sale of the park.


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