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Meet the Enthusiasts — Hot Rod Trucks & Tractors

Linear Speed Wins This Race — “Let’s Go Pullin’!” is the rallying cry of the Texas Truck & Tractor Pullers Association, but Donna Riley, Secretary/Treasurer calls it “Goin’ to the circus,” because of the rows of semitrailers and flatbeds that show up to the West Texas Fair & Rodeo carrying various kinds of hot rod … Continue reading

Meet Teanna Rose – ‘Neon Twisters’ Jump Rope Team Coach

February 9, 2013 |  Teanna Rose is the unexpected coach of Abilene’s only competitive jump rope team, the Neon Twisters. Eighteen years old and a senior at Cooper high school, Teanna took over as sole coach of the team two years ago, after her young co-leader Kaitlin Copelin died suddenly. Teanna was a student at … Continue reading

“Good People” – A {Southern} Truism

One result of myself taking part in Abilene’s City University program is a new, strong appreciation for the number of dedicated, talented people I’ve met who work for the City of Abilene (us!) in various capacities. Over and over again, I’ve been impressed with the dedication, creativity and good attitudes of people I’ve encountered whom … Continue reading

Meet Tim James – Ex-Facilities Manager Extraordinaire at Dyess Medical Clinic

Tim James started at the bottom. Literally beginning in the basement mechanical room of the three-story Dyess Medical Center building, he masterminded renovating, painting, adding décor and utterly transforming the entire facility over a period of five years. Tim didn’t miss a spot. This transformational feat was the crowning achievement of his civilian Air Force … Continue reading

Meet Elaine Yielding – China Painting Artist

China painters apply designs stroke by stroke onto the slick surface of china using thin ‘washes’ or layers of paint, mixed with finely ground glass called flux. Participants say they enjoy the artistic outlet and stress-relieving benefits of the process. Studies show the benefits of making art include reduction in stress and anxiety, increase in … Continue reading