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City University – {Police & Fire}

Meeting K-9 dogs and their handlers, and getting a ride in a fire truck! were highlights of February 2014’s City University. We saw a taser demonstration, during the “classes” for that day. Tasers, aka “electronic control devices,” are preferred by officers, to pointedly immobilize a suspect and therefore diffuse a potentially tense situation. They work … Continue reading

Panel on Poverty

“ONE PERSON determined to help another is a very strong force in our community.” – Norman Archibald This wasn’t your ordinary benefit lunch. It featured a panel which included an excellent cross-section of representatives from across our city. The thoughts, comments and specific data presented were amazingly informative and thought-provoking. Norm Archibald, our mayor, posed … Continue reading

City University – {Earth, Water, Air}

We began in the Municipal Court this time — I’ve learned that “municipal” means “city.” (I think.) If you’ve had a ticket for speeding, or not using a seatbelt, etc. – then this is where that is taken care of. They also handle the warrant round-up and Teen Court. The “ticket” is entitled a “Uniform … Continue reading