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Featured Book – Straight from Teachers

A series of posts where I feature some of my favorite books! — Education is so important to all of us. Good schools are essential to a healthy community, but often we don’t hear from teachers themselves on the issues. This book provides first-person windows into classrooms across the country, therefore informing about subjects like … Continue reading

Foster Parenting in Texas

Goals of a recent re-design of Texas’ foster care system include keeping kids in foster care a shorter amount of time, accelerating finding permanent placements, and keeping children closer geographically as possible to their home of origin, ideally no further than 50 miles away. According to Alayna Brooks, a local Abilene woman who recently completed … Continue reading

Teen Court

Attended:  April 8, 2013. When I arrived most young people and guardians were already there waiting, as instructions say to arrive early at 4:45. The chairs and standing room around the walls of a small waiting area, and down a hallway inside a second waiting area were full. Immediately inside the door of the building, … Continue reading