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City University – {Parks, Libraries, Health Center, Civic Center}

Audrey Perry has worked for 44 years (!) at the Abilene Civic Center. She is the manager. We walked around the entire 1970’s facility, including its 1990 conference center addition. It was interesting to see the spaces getting prepared for a show in the auditorium/stage/backstage, an event in the exhibit hall, nothing at the time … Continue reading

Foster Parenting in Texas

Goals of a recent re-design of Texas’ foster care system include keeping kids in foster care a shorter amount of time, accelerating finding permanent placements, and keeping children closer geographically as possible to their home of origin, ideally no further than 50 miles away. According to Alayna Brooks, a local Abilene woman who recently completed … Continue reading

County Commissioners’ Court

In the County Courthouse Building, second floor (metal detector, security). Curved, raised seating for the 5 commissioners, with two lower desks attached to the side for assistants of some kind (taking minutes, I believe). Podium at front for people presenting information. Other seating is flip-down, padded chairs. Attended: April 9, 2013 Okay so these types … Continue reading

What County Commissioners Do

What do County Commissioners do? Good question. I didn’t have a clue, and neither did some others I talked to. Many thanks to head commissioner or Judge, Downing Bolls for taking time to help provide the following information: To start with, county government is an extension of the State Legislature, established in the mid-1800’s to … Continue reading